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Silverhall Property Management offer a range of services

Our services are listed below

  • Landlord

    We prioritise offering the best support and advice, tailored exclusively for your investment property.

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  • Renting

    Find out how to apply for an available property with Silverhall Property Management.

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  • Investing

    Are you an investor? Learn about our residential property investment company, Silverhall.

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Purchasing an investment property

Property investment doesn’t end the day you finally get the keys – that is the day it truly begins!


Established by Silverhall, SilverhallPM utilises the knowledge and understanding we have gained over the years from supporting clients through the investment process. Assisting our clients with research, providing investment opportunities, and helping to secure a good tenant in a timely fashion – Silverhall’s vast experience across Australia with property management companies makes SilverhallPM an excellent choice for landlords. We know that a good Property Manager makes all the difference in your enjoyment of your investment.

  • We are a new independent real estate firm.
  • We specialise in managing investment properties.
  • We manage properties between Sydney and Newcastle
  • We pride ourselves on high quality service.
  • We are available to meet at a time and place that suits you.
  • Our team are active in managing your investment property.
  • Your property will be visited by a manager on a regular basis.

About SilverhallPm

Silverhall Property Management offers a range of services to our Landlord and their tenants. This is the focus of the business from start to finish.

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