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How is Silverhall Property Management different?

1. Available on Weekends: Our property management team are available on phone after working hours and on weekends.

2. Complaint lodged through SMS: You can flag an issue by simply sending us an SMS. We will have someone attend to your complaint at the earliest.

3. 24 x 7 Dedicated Maintenance Team: We have dedicated maintenance service available 24×7; weekdays, weekends and throughout public holidays.

4. Open house on weekdays and weekends: Our open house inspections are scheduled during weekdays and over the weekends. So you do not have to take time off work to see a property.

“We are relieved to have the management of our two investment properties taken over by the team at Silverhall Property Management. Having had issues with our previous Property Managers, Silverhall has shown us that we can be confident that our properties will be managed well and we will be kept in the loop on everything that happens.”

– Margaret, Owner. Maitland

Silverhall Property Management was a natural progression of Silverhall. Silverhall is a research-based property advisory business established in 1999. The knowledge and understanding we have gained over the years from supporting clients through their investment process, we are now using that to helping them manage their investment properties. We are a new independent real estate firm. We manage properties between Sydney and Newcastle.


Are you looking to rent?

A list of our available properties for rent can be found on Click on the button below to visit our profile and select For Rent under Our Properties.

About SilverhallPm

Silverhall Property Management offers a range of services to our Landlord and their tenants. This is the focus of the business from start to finish.

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